Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Manju Mathew

Manju Mathew, an MBA in marketing, completed publisher training courses from the Oxford Brookes University and New York University. She started with marketing and PR roles before moving on to her current position as a full time writer. Currently living in Dubai, her life as an expat has sharpened her observation skills and flair for writing. She enjoys writing about luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc even if she can only dream of owning them.

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    Gopalan Nair

    Rubber farmers better lookout. The tire manufacturers will now put pressure on the government of India to repeal the import duty. All along they tried their level best to suppress the local market price for rubber. They went on importing rubber even when it is available at a cheaper rate locally, just to keep the local prices low. Now they found this tactic will only burn their fingers, since prices of natural rubber outside India is now costlier by more than Rs. 50/kg, when it lands in Indian ports. So the next option is to canvass with the government to cancel the import duty. The present price increase is mainly due to floods in Thailand and this is temporary, since the tapping will restart once the flood waters recede. But our Indian industrialists will exploit it as highly damaging to their profits and will prevail upon the politicians to cut down the import duty and the politicians in the Centrel government will oblige them, since they do not bother what happens to the farmers, even though they shout from roof tops for the welfare of the farmers.


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