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Any of the above mentioned violations may lead to criminal or civil charges. reserves the right to probe and investigate any cyber security violations by website users and to prosecute violators.  You should only use search agents or search engines available at to navigate the website. You are not allowed to use any tool, mechanism, software or engine in navigating the site which includes intelligent agents, avatars, robots, spiders and browsers.

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In the event that website misuse or breach of security is justified, may temporarily suspend your account or consequently, require you to change your password without any liability to our company.

Disclaimer (Information Update)

This service is paid for and offered by Morjan Media LLC. All information is not applicable throughout the region since the business community in the Middle East tends to change from time to time.  Because of this, cannot assure that data, information, company listings and other details are up-to-date and accurate. Therefore, as a subscriber, it is your responsibility to keep your company information updated and regularly report any changes to the maintenance team.

Content Disclaimer

Morjan Media LLC shall not be liable for any form of damage, which includes loss of use, loss of revenue, loss of profits due to damages, incidental damages, consequential damages and indirect damages within the duration of subscription with Information contained on the website that led to these damages is beyond the company’s liability; regardless of the damages that have resulted from negligence, under a statute, at law, contract, tort, in equity, etc.

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Delivery of print Version

Delivery of the print version of the magazine will be done through a recognized courier company.

Refund Policy

The refund policy forms a part of the company’s terms and conditions and is explained below: promotes a no-refund policy to all subscribers. All subscriptions and sales are made final. In the event that the customer wants to renew his subscription, renewal must be done has no obligation to store any credit card information in the case of renewal procedures.

Failed Transactions

To maintain a regular subscription, you must keep your payment card details up-to-date. If you were not able to process your subscription payment, we regret to inform you that your subscription will temporarily suspended and you will be unable to access Paid for Services until we receive your valid credit card details. Inform the subscription department about your concerns at [email protected]. Any outstanding payment which is left unsettled within the duration of your account suspension shall be under your responsibility.

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