Jul 25, 2014 | Last Updated 21 mins ago
  • New Intread Tire Sensor Offers Multiple Benefits to Mining Operators

    Rosler, the German company which is one of the leading specialists in OTR tires has launched an innovative new TPMS system named “INTREAD” after three years of development and testing. For the first time ever, it will be possible to use an OTR TPMS system to measure the tread depth as well as the belt temperature giving mining fleet owners and operators unprecedented benefits. The In tread Tire sensor is different from other TPMS systems as in addition to tire pressure, it enables operators to get real time information on the tread depth and belt temperature of every tire in their vehicle. This will help them to get optimal tire performance and save costs on fuel and maintenance of tires. The Intread system essentially consists of three components: two sensors for monitoring air pressure and air temperature which are placed on the inner liner of the tire and a third sensor which is placed in the tread to measure the tread depth and the belt temperature.

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  • BMW Expands X Range with X4 Sports Activity Coupé

    BMW first introduced the Sports Activity Vehicle segment back in 1999 with the launch of the X5. This sparked a new trend in the automotive industry and led to the production of many variants of the X5 including the BMW X1, X3, X5, X5 M, X6 and X6 M. The latest addition to the X series is the new BMW X4. The X4 offers the perfect blend of performance, versatility and elegance. The exterior of the X4 has the typical characteristics of the X range including the large air intakes located on the outer edges of the front end and the precise detailing of the character lines in the front apron giving the X4 a sleeker, sportier look. The car hugs the road with a low center of gravity, long wheelbase and prominent wheel arches. The roofline adds to the sporty look, reaching its highest point over the front seats before dropping in a gentle slope towards the tailgate. The interior is ergonomically designed with every control option angled towards the driver. It is spacious for a sports car and offers the right combination of exclusivity and high-level functionality. The car has plenty of cargo space (500–1,400 litres), which can be used in multiple ways due to the standard 40:20:40 split rear seat bench and the automatically opening tailgate which is a standard feature. Customers can also opt for Comfort Access Option which will allow them to open the tailgate with a movement of the foot. The BMW X4 comes with the BMW ConnectedDrive features that offer an array of Driver Assistance systems to give the driver with unmatched safety, convenience and infotainment. This includes the hi-res, full-colour Head-Up Display, which allows the driver to view all important driving information in his field of view. The top-notch Navigation System Professional with ECO PRO route guidance in tandem with the iDrive Touch Controller allows navigation details like a destination to be easily fed into the system with a flick of the finger.

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  • Wulf Gaertner  Autoparts Adopts TecDoc Layout to Upgrade Online Catalog

    The bottom-line in any business or industry is getting the right information at the right time. Specifically, the major challenge in the automotive aftermarket is the instant and reliable identification of the correct spare part. To overcome this challenge, renowned global auto parts supplier Wulf Gaertner Autoparts has revised its online catalog layout to TecDoc structures.

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  • Toshiba Unveils New Motor Pre-Driver IC for Auto Applications

    Aiming to create breakthrough designs through collaborating with technology companies, Toshiba America Electronics Components has recently launched the TB9052FNG motor pre-driver IC, a new device exclusively developed for safety-critical automotive applications, including electric power steering (EPS) and other Automotive Safety Integrity Level D-compliant systems.

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  • ENOC Announces Availability of ‘Green Diesel’ Across Its Network

    Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) has started offering the ultra-low sulfur ‘Green Diesel’ in the ENOC/EPPCO network on July 1 this year, with service station staff advising customers on the need to switch to the new diesel fuel.

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  • Boom Mat UC Lite Now Offered in 6’ Bulk Roll Size

    Car owners can now say goodbye to unpleasant noise and interior discomfort during extreme weather conditions, thanks to Boom Mat Under Carpet Lite (UC Lite) which now comes in a 6’ X 54” roll (part # 050113). The product insulates up to 85% of undesired heat offering relief from wicked winter temperatures and sweltering summer heat while absorbing irritating exhaust, tire and road noise.

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Enerpulse Furthers R&D on New Technology Advancement

In its target to capture 10% of the North American spark plug aftermarket, the research department of Enerpulse Technologies has further explored the underlying science linking its Ultra-High Power ignition technology to reduced emission, enhanced fuel economy and higher torque in spark ignited internal combustion engines. The company utilizes Nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion (n-PAC™), the process by which the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber is made reactive by an energy-dense plasma field before the spark is created; leading to more precise combustion ignition (PCI) and a quicker propagating flame front.

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Bridgestone Earns Most Trusted Brand Accolade in Australia

Beating out other leading contenders like Pirelli and Michelin, Bridgestone emerged as the ‘most trusted tire brand’ in Australia in a survey carried out by the popular publication Reader’s Digest. Readers Digest is one of the most renowned magazines in the world with as many as 50 editions in 21 languages and more than 100 million readers on a monthly basis. In the Trusted Brands 2014 survey carried out by the magazine, readers were asked to assess brands in 46 categories on a scale of one to ten. One winner and two highly commended runners-up were named in each category. Commenting on the honor, Andrew Moffatt, the managing director of Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand said that with just like Bridgestone, Reader’s Digest is one of the top brands in the world that is recognized and trusted by consumers. The Bridgestone brand is trusted by customers not just in terms of the quality, safety and performance of its products but also when it comes to the service and support provided by the company. He added that this accolade from the magazine will definitely help Bridgestone products to stand out in a highly crowded market. Andrew Moffatt concluded, "We make them a promise every day that they can rely on us, and we work extremely hard to keep that promise at every step of the journey. We are committed to serving society with superior quality, which is what we do every day and why we are in business.”

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