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  • Visteon to Showcase Connected Vehicle Technologies at This Year’s Electronica

    Visteon Corporation is now gearing up to launch a range of its newest automotive electronic products and inventions at Electronica 2014 to be held from November 11 to 14 in Munich, Germany. The company’s display in Hall A6, Booth 343 will include multiple fresh interactive cockpit concepts comprising connected vehicle technologies.

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  • Bosch Shows Huge Technological Leap in New Instrument Cluster Concept

    It seems like Bosch always has a groundbreaking technology in store for the automotive world. However, what the German company considers as one of its biggest technological leap is the all-new display-based instrument cluster, which is featured in the BMW i8. The cluster does not come with mechanically moving parts, and with a large monitor, it offers maximum flexibility for processing and displaying content. It joins the car on a fun, comfortable trip into a future that is progressively shaped by infotainment systems and driver assistance as well as associated connectivity capabilities. Thus, such a future needs groundbreaking control and display concepts.

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  • Johnson Controls Launches New Seat Systems at Interior Motives Design Awards 2014

    Unveiling the present and upcoming trends in automotive seating design at this year’s Interior Motives Design Awards, Johnson Controls stole the spotlight at the event, which was held before the much-anticipated Paris Motor Show. Apart from meeting the demand of vehicle manufacturers for differentiation, the fresh design options also cater to buyers’ requirements regarding customization and personalization. With this in mind, the American company displayed the "Synergy Seat Gen 3" seating concept in Paris, along with groundbreaking design approaches for seat covers and backrests.

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  • Newly Invented Electric Motor Design Solves EV Range Problem

    The new invention of researchers at German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) might be the answer to short electric vehicle (EV) range, a problem which puts a lot of drivers in trouble. The 2-in-1 electric motor integrates the conventional electric motor with the air-con compressor, normally two separate units. This fresh, space-saving design enables the use of bigger batteries, which can dramatically increase EV range by an additional 15 to 20 percent. This fresh design makes the electric motor more efficient in powering the wheels of the car, while its integrated air-con compressor makes use of less power due to interaction between the engine and the compressor, which can also tap on energy regenerated directly from the brakes.

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  • Enasave Next from Sumitomo Reduces Rolling Resistance by Half

    Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has come up with a new tire in the Enasave Series this month. The Dunlop Enasave Next in the line of fuel-efficient Enasave tires has been launched first in the Japanese market in the first week of September in the size 195/65R15 91H and in a remarkably short time qualified for the ‘AAA-a’ rank under the Japanese tire label, which is the highest possible rating for wet grip and rolling resistance. The company claims the new tire offers 50 per cent less rolling resistance than the typical replacement Dunlop tire did in 2008, the year that Sumitomo began working on the project to develop a tire with 50% less rolling resistance. Developed as a part of the company’s drive to reduce the effect of tires on climate change and minimizing dependence on fossil fuels, the Enasave line of fuel-efficient tires was launched at the Tokyo Motor Show last year when it unveiled the Dunlop Enasave 100, the first tire to be completely free from fossil free material. Several innovative technologies have been incorporated in Dunlop Enasave Next in order to achieve such a remarkable reduction in rolling resistance. These include the use of ‘New Functionalized Polymer’ and UPNR (Ultra-Pure Natural Rubber). “UNPR” involves the complete elimination of all the impurities found in natural rubber resulting in the formation of stronger bonds with carbon. The “New Functionalized Polymer" process increases the length of polymer chains, reduces the number of terminals per unit volume, and promotes the dispersion of styrene to prevent clustering, thus minimizing the generation of waste heat.

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  • New Honda CR-V Gets Most Important Revamp in Its History

    The 2015 Honda CR-V hit showroom floors yesterday with a lot of new things in store for drivers. They will have a time of their life on the road with the car’s more efficient direct-injected Earth Dreams Technology™ i-VTEC® engine with torque up 11 percent, strikingly sporty CVT for improved fuel efficiency and performance, fresh exterior design plus sound isolation, braking system and chassis enhancements. Included in the new standard features are rear console ventilation ducts, sliding sunvisors and a center console armrest. There are also new available features such as 10-way power and heated driver's seat with memory, a power tailgate, LED daytime running lights, and Display Audio Available Honda Sensing™ set of advanced driver and safety assistive features including Honda LaneWatch™, Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW).

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Research Reveals New Battery Chemistry to Surpass Li-ion

Just recently, Navigant Research released a report analyzing the global market for the next generation of batteries, with an emphasis on the present leading battery chemistry, lithium ion (Li-ion), and the types of energy storage devices that might ultimately replace it. While it is true that Li-ion batteries provide many advantages over conventional battery technologies, their glory may possibly come to an end soon. This is because of the rapid advancement in research and development of new battery chemistries that surpass Li-ion and which are anticipated to have a huge impact on the battery industry in the near future. These new chemistries are believed to enable more battery applications, thereby increasing the size of the battery market. In accordance with the recent report, the total global capacity of advanced batteries is anticipated to increase from 30.4 MWh this year to more than 28,000 MWh in 2023.

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Panasonic to Purchase 49% Stake in Ficosa

As part of a capital and business alliance, Japanese company Panasonic Corp. has reportedly entered into an agreement with Ficosa to purchase a 49 percent stake in the Spanish automotive components supplier for an undisclosed amount.

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Toyota Under Fire For New Ad Mocking EVs

Automotive brands go to great lengths to make their voice heard in a crowded market. One of their main tools in this strategy is aggressive marketing through ads that compare their brands favorably to rival brands. When executed well with a dash of humor, this strategy can yield rich dividends. The ad war between Mercedes and Jaguar is a case in point. However, when it comes to advertising, there is a fine line that separates healthy rivalry and unnecessary criticism of a rival brand. When the Lexus brand ran a print ad promoting its hybrid at the expense of battery-electric vehicles, it naturally raised a hue and cry. Drawing a comparison between a BEV and a Lexus hybrid, the ad zeroed in on the inconvenience that – according to the ad – comes from using electric vehicles. Every aspect of using an EV from the time needed to search for charging stations, range anxiety, and the time taken to charge the vehicle, is highlighted in a tongue-in-cheek manner that makes it loud and clear that the Lexus hybrid is better than an EV any day.

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A-MAP Reveals How Warranty Management Makes or Breaks a Business

No matter how effective a system may seem, it can leave any business in ruins if used improperly. This is the bottom line of Debapratim Das’s speech at the second day of the Academy. Reminiscing his last 16 years in the industry, the technical and quality assurance manager for A-MAP revealed that most of his dealers and distributors faced problems in warranty management system. This is why he stressed the importance of implementing it properly to ensure that regular growth targets in business are achieved.

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Expert Reveals Green and Safe Strategies for a Sustainable Car Fleet

Driving habits and car fleet management can only be considered excellent and effective if they are both green and safe at the same time. This is what an expert from Fleet Compare underlined at this year’s Academy Session at the Automechanika Dubai, revealing the guidelines by which drivers and car fleet managers can keep themselves, their passengers, road users and the environment safe.

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Infrared Camera Reveals Heat of F1 Engine in Spectacular Colors

A car engine converts thermal energy into kinetic motion, and when captured by a thermal imaging camera, the heat that exits the exhaust or escapes the exhaust can look stunningly spectacular. FLIR, a USA-based company that manufactures thermal imaging cameras and is a partner with Red Bull Racing, just recently released a video showing the heat signature from the tires and engine during a burnout with an F1 car.

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The Top Five Most Realistic Car Racing Games

Intense thrill, extreme adrenaline rush, and overwhelming feeling of freedom—race car drivers experience a mix of these emotions while on the race track. Unknown to most of these drivers, the burning desire of most car racing aficionados to be able to get behind the wheel of a real competition car and take on the action on the speedway is as strong as what they feel. The good news is that with the help of technology, the dream of these hopefuls to experience a jam-packed race track action will somehow come true.

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Delphi Puts Spotlight on Telematics’ Role in Fleet Management at Academy Session

Technology is the infinite fuel that powers the automotive world, specifically the fleet industry. Speaking at the second session of the Automechanika Academy 2014, Gareth Adams, the engineering and sales manager at DELPHI, proved this by underlining the role and importance of telematics in fleet management. He started the presentation by introducing the telematics device, a system installed in the vehicle’s OBD diagnostics socket to record information about the driver’s driving habits. It enables the satellite navigation (SatNav) to locate the vehicle and track its speed and travel position in real-time. All the gathered data is then sent back to the network of Delphi security service, which will contain all the information regarding the vehicle, including its location, how and when it has been driven.

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